This training will give you insight into several important factors that lenders review before deciding to fund a loan.

For example, the obvious, the condition of the property. What should be the term of the loan, and (potentially) the credit worthiness of the borrower. Also, some other interesting considerations, the relationship the lender has with the borrower, the “risk” of the investment as well as the beloved pain-in-the-ass factor.

Hard Money and Brokers

You’ll learn why mortgage brokers and hard money are necessary evils.

These lenders are way more expensive than private lenders and have none of the perks of private money. Yet they’re absence in any real estate market will cause its collapse. 

Private Money Lenders

There are at least six characteristics of private money lenders that you’ll need to understand. One is that they are “emotionally” tied to their money. Care to try and guess the other five? No need to really, it has a very important place in our course.

Additional Lender Security

What is cross-collateralization and personal guarantees? Learn how some lenders have the need for the additional security that these two mortgage clauses provide.

Student Testimonial

I took Alfred's course on Money and immediately felt its effect. I quickly understood how to begin grooming lenders to loan at the foreclosure sale. This is where I feel I can get the biggest discount on properties. But until I took this course I hadn't any idea where to begin to find a foreclosure lender.

Scott D., Miami, Florida

What are the Premium Course Bonuses?

This course has both basic and premium editions. The only difference between the two is that the Premium Course Students also have the BONUS of receiving Three (3) Months of our Best Selling Gold Coaching Program at no additional fee.

Gold Coaching Program

FOUR (4), 1 on 1, 30-minute Coaching Calls with Alfred each Month.

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ONE (1) 30 Minute Focus Discussion Group, Hosted by Alfred each Month.

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The differences between the cost of the two courses (basic v premium) is insignificant when compared with what you receive with the purchase of the Premium Course.

Example Curriculum

  Money is Always Looking for Someplace to Work
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Section 1 Where can I Get Money to Invest in Real Estate?
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Section 2 - Speaking the Lenders Language
Available in days
days after you enroll

Among the Topics Covered

Learn how to locate local lenders willing to invest.

Learn how to get a feel for lenders’ protocols and requirements even before you approach them.

Learn in advance which deals to "shop" to which lender.

Learn how to line up funding way before you need it.

Learn to never miss out on a potential opportunity because money is too expensive or non-existent.

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